TCAAA Awards

Deadline: District Directors should send name of recipients to the District 4 TCAAA Director as early as possible, but no later than Spring Board meeting.

Early Career Award
This award is given to agents with fewer than five years of service.

Districts with more than nine eligible agents can recognize two Early Career recipients. Winners are encouraged to attend the state meeting where they will be honored during the awards luncheon, but they do not have to be present to win and do not have to attend the NACAA meeting. Districts should select winners at a District TCAAA meeting.

Man or Women of the Year
These awards honor our very best supporters. Recipients can be men or women, but should be people who provide exceptional service to Texas A&M AgriLife Extension and have a positive impact on agriculture in Texas.

The host district for the state meeting gets to choose a Man of the Year recipient, and each year half of our 12 districts are invited to do so. In even numbered years it is the odd numbered districts and vice versa. Seek nominations and choose a recipient at a district TCAAA meeting. The nominating agent will introduce their award winner at the Man of the Year banquet and should take primary responsibility for communicating with the recipient.

Specialist of the Year
Selected by the TCAAA Board at the Spring Board meeting. To nominate an Extension Specialist, contact your District Director.


NACAA General Awards

Deadline: January 15. Visit NACAA website for guidelines and on-line applications.

The winners of the AA, DSA and HOF awards should plan to attend both the State and National meetings. Please visit the NACAA/AMPIC for dates and location of the annual National Association of County Agriculture Agents meeting.

Achievement Award (AA)
This award is presented to agents with less than ten years of Extension service.

Any qualified agent from any district can apply. In event there are more applications submitted than awards available to give, the TCAAA Recognition & Awards Committee will make final selection.

Distinguished Service Award (DSA)
This award is presented to agents with more than ten years of Extension service.

The TCAAA Treasurer will notify the districts that are eligible and provide a list of qualified members. Those districts should elect a DSA recipient by ballot at a Fall district TCAAA meeting.

Hall of Fame (HOF)
All current and life members may are eligible, except previous winners. The candidate must have previously been awarded the Distinguished Service Award (DSA).

The Hall of Fame award is presented to agents that have demonstrated commitment, dedication and effective leadership in job performance as an outstanding educator, consideration for association involvement at both the state and national level, and outstanding humanitarian service


NACAA Communication Awards

Deadline: March 15. Visit NACAA website for guidelines and on-line applications.

The purpose of Communication Awards is to recognize TCAAA members who excel in communicating programs and ideas to their clientele.

  • Audio Recording
  • Bound Book
  • Computer Generated Graphics Presentation
  • Fact Sheet
  • Feature Story
  • Learning Module
  • Newsletter, Individual
  • Newsletter, Team
  • Personal Column
  • Program Promotional Piece (formerly Direct Mail Piece)
  • Publication
  • Published Photo & Caption
  • Video Presentation
  • Web Site


NACAA Poster Contest

Deadline: March 15. Visit NACAA website for guidelines and on-line applications.

The purpose of the Poster Contest is to showcase TCAAA members’ work by giving them the opportunity to present posters at the Annual Meeting. Agents are encouraged to develop poster presentations in two categories:

  • Applied Research – to give individuals an opportunity to present a poster on applied research they have conducted.
  • Extension Education – this category is designed to give members an opportunity to present a poster on new or different educational methods or technologies he or she has used.

Posters will be displayed and judged at the TCAAA meeting each year, with the winning posters in each category advancing to competition at the following year’s NACAA meeting. Posters not designated as state winners can still be displayed at the next NACAA meeting but will not be judged.

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